Finally have the TIME +ENERGY + FOCUS for what matters most!

A customized-for-you, 90-day program that will take you from an exhausted and overwhelmed professional corporate mom 

to being more productive, present and purposeful

You don't have to wait until 'one-day' to take back control of your schedule, it all starts today!

Eva McManmon

I was where you are...

Do you feel like a ball in a pin-ball machine most days? Like you're rushing from one thing to another without a minute to catch your breath.

You spend the day going at a frantic pace and then fall into bed exhausted not sure what you did all day. 

I know how you feel. 

Six years ago I went back to work full-time after being home for 8-years.  After the initial excitement wore off, I found myself exhausted and struggling to keep up.  

I was not prepared for the weight of trying to juggle all. the. things! I was failing, stressed and headed for burnout and misery.

The solutions in CLAIM YOUR CALM are the steps I used to get myself out of the hole of overwhelm and step more fully into overflow.  

Today, I have space to breathe and manage a full time career, enjoy my family life and have a thriving business and ministry all without burning out.  

Let's be real, juggling career and motherhood is HARD.

You're often pulled in every direction.  You feel pressured to excel in your career AND be successful at work while managing your home AND being an amazing mom.

Most days you waste time feeling guilty, resentful, and burnt-out. You're split between work and home and failing at both!

 Here's why you're so stressed and overwhelm and feel stretched too thin (hint: it's not a lack of time)...

You're doing too much of the wrong things

Burnout doesn't happen because you're doing too much, but rather because you're doing too little of the things that truly matter.  This leaves you exhausted, frustrated and unfulfilled. The way I managed my time drastically changed when I included God in my planning.

You're making things too complicated

The reason many of us procrastinate is because we are making things too complicated.  It's time to find simple solutions to your complex time problems and take the stress out of it.

You haven't created systems that works for you

When we simplify we create systems that work with our lives. Instead of trying to create a systems that sounds great on paper but doesn't transilate into your life, we create systems that effortless flows with you and your family.

You're not clear on your priorities

Between 40 hours at work, it's almost impossible to find time for anything else.  Together we'll get clear on your priorities so you find more time and spend it on the people and moments that matter most.

Studies show that many of us are more stressed at home than we are at work. 

And that the chaos in our personal lives keep us from excelling in our careers and making more money for our families.

Yet, many time-management programs don't fully understand the challenges professional working moms face daily.

You get a one-size fits all plan to organizing your life but what works for someone who doesn't live day-in and day-out with all you have to juggle wont' work for you.

In CLAIM YOUR CALM you get a seasoned professional mom (that's me!) working alongside you to help you create the amazing life you want and help you achieve life balance not just work balance.

Because when you feel in control of your time and have some personal relationships at home, you are the best at work as well.  Happy at home, happy at work.

And when you're happy at work, everyone notices - hello promotion!

CLAIM YOUR CALM bridges the gap with powerful time-management strategies, essential mindset shifts and proven systems that fits your unique life so that you can go from feel frazzled and exhausted to finally feeling calm and alive.

-->Because you're tired of feeling stretched too thin, stressed and exhausted

--> Frustrated that you're not giving work the attention it needs for you to excel

-->You're done with feeling guilty about not giving enough time and attention for your family

-->You don't want to regret not spending your time in meaningful ways that fills your heart and soul

CLAIM YOUR CALM will teach you my proven 5-step formula

This is how I went from feeling like I had NO time to experiencing space, peace and joy in my schedule.

It's how I changed my normal from exhausted and barely surviving to thriving as a mom and professional.

And it's how I can stay on top of my home,  enjoy time with my kids, nurture my marriage and coach my clients all without burning out and while making an impact in my career.

Now it's your turn.  You were not just created the survive.  You were MADE TO THRIVE!

You’ll find out how to have more time by changing your mindset and focusing on your priorities so you can have a successful career while being an amazing mom.

So... how will CLAIM YOUR CALM impact your life? Imagine...


You spend your time jumping from one thing to the next with not much to show for it
You have no time for yourself or your spiritual, mental or physical care
You feel drained all the time and have little energy to enjoy much of anything
Your house is a constant mess and you can't stay on top of all the things that needs to get done daily
You lose your temper frequently and don't feel like the mom or wife you know you can be
You and your spouse are like roommates just barely keeping up with life


You are clear on your priorities and have more time with your family
Start and end your day feeling connect to God and prioritize prayer, exercise, and fun
You have powerful stress management techniques that energizes and fuels you when you feel drained
You're on top of your home needs and you feel calm and peaceful when you come home
You enjoy beautiful boundaries that allows you to feel more peaceful and calm. You feel more joyful!
You prioritize your spouse and rekindle your connection daily so your marriage is rock solid

You'll have an HR professional in your back pocket

I've taken the skills and tools I've developed in my role in Human Resources  and applied it to other areas of my life.

From understanding the key needs of an organization to keeping employees engaged and happy, I can help you apply these exact skills to your home to create a family unit where everyone is thriving.

Role play is a huge part of my role in HR and in CLAIM YOUR CALM, you and I will engage in role playing as well so that when it's time to bring your family on board to help more around the house, you can confidently and calmly share your desires with them.

Likewise, I understand the dynamics of working with others who might not share similar goals as you and can help you develop scripts for conversations that create boundaries at work and at home so you are in control to guide the discussions to success.

Wouldn't it be great to have some who has gone through what you are going through right now and show you a SIMPLE, NO-FLUFF, UNCOMPLICATED and EASY way to manage your time #signmeup!

Then you can get busy living and loving your life!


A personalized, step-by-step program to help you ditch the guilt and prioritize what matters most

Make peace, joy and calm your new normal so you can enjoy...

- Dinner with your family

- A strong, close connection to those you love

- Boundaries so you have time for the important things

- Clarity on your priorities so you know where to focus

- Waking up each day feeling calm and joyful because you know how to plan your days

- More focused at work because your home life is thriving

Here's what we will cover during our time together

CLAIM YOUR TIME is a 90-day coaching program to get you out of overwhelm and finally living a life with more space, freedom and flexibility


During the first week we tackle the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and take the steps to free yourself of guilt and mental clutter.  

Get crystal clear on where you want to go so you have define goals you want to accomplish
Uncover the biggest reasons you might be feeling overwhelmed and how to fix them
Identify your time wasters and get clear on which ones are keeping you stuck.


Let's help you create more time and energy so you can pour into those you love

Learn how to set boundaries and overcome the biggest distractions that might be keeping you from what truly matters
Create space in your day for your self care so you can give from a place of abundance instead of lack
Put God first and learn techniques to manage the stress of work and home so you're in a better mood
Design a morning and evening ritual that feeds your soul so you start and end the day feeling refreshed
Get access to the me by Voxer so you can have your questions answered in between sessions.


During this phase we will design a schedule that works for every area of your life.

Make time for the things that are important to you so you're not running around putting our fires all day 
Learn how to create a schedule you can stick to and that works for your family 
Learn habits that will help you  add more time (and joy!) into your day
Craft a daily and weekly plan to reach your personal and professional goals


Let's get your home in order so it reflects the peace and calm you are feeling inside.  During this week we will learn about creating rhythms and systems that takes the stress and guesswork out of managing your home

Discover ways to keep your house organized and tidy even when you’re at work
Declutter 101 - Identify your trouble spots and finally create systems for them so you’re not cleaning the same areas all the time
Delegate 101- How to get your family on board to help around the house with less pressure or guilt
Home Rhythms 101- Never stress about dinner, or how you'll get everyone out the door in the mornings. 
Family Rhythms - Design your family meeting so you stay connected and close to those you love


During this phase we will make time for what matters most and ensure that you are spending time nurturing those you love

Marriage - how to prioritize your spouse and create time for each other even with a busy schedule
Connected kids - discover how to have 1:1 time with your kids and what to do during that time so you can strengthen your bond
Friends - discover a simple way to stay connected with friends far and near so you stay in touch with those who are dear to you
Play - uncover ways to have fun and add joy into your work and home
Faith - create a soul-fulfilling prayer habit and grow closer to God daily

Get Clear On Where You're Going

Create a Spacious Schedule You Love

Get Your Home Life In Order

Connect With Those You Love

Best Bonus Ever!

One of the biggest reasons you're still stuck in stress and overwhelm is because you are not utilizing one of your biggest assets to creating more peace in your life - YOUR MIND!

During your first week of CLAIM YOUR CALM you will get access to a powerful program called PQ (Positive Intelligent quotient).  The PQ app and program, created by Stanford professor Shirzad Chamin is the latest in  mental fitness.  

Just like we need to exercise our physical muscles in order to stay strong, just so we have to build up our mental muscle to face life's challenges.

PQ will help you 

strengthen your relationships, 

boost your performance, and

 improve your well-being 

and  change your life!

The 6-week app-based program requires only 15 mins a day.  But you will walk away with a deeper understanding of yourself and why do the things you do. Say goodbye to procrastination, self-sabotage and stress.

You'll discover your biggest inner saboteurs (there are 9 of them!) as well as how to access the power of your Sage (your inner guide or what I like to call the Holy Spirit) 

The PQ program has been life-changing for me and I know it will transform your life as well!

How to get started

How to get started

I have developed CLAIM YOUR CALM to help you succeed at home and in life.  Here are the steps to get us started on your journey.

Schedule 'ready for calm' call

Let's kick off by getting to know each other.  I'll share more about Made To Thrive and see if we are right fit for each other.

onboarding and orientation

After your payment, we will meet for a 45-min kick-off call to get you access to the materials and clarity on next steps.


We set up our schedule and meet weekly to help you reach your personal and professional goals.  Get ready to THRIVE!

Chances are you're thinking that this sounds great but you don't have time for another thing. 

You're already scheduled to capacity. Your plate is overflowing.

But instead of looking at the time it might take to engage in MADE TO THRIVE (which will give you time back!), let me ask you these questions...

>>How much longer can you keep going at this break-neck pace?

>> What are you not making time for that you might regret later?

>> What do you want your life to look like 3 months from now?

For me, I want to be a mom who is present and truly enjoys being with my kids.

I want to have a marriage I'm grateful for and fall more in love with my husband every day

I want to make an impact with my work and contribute to the success of my organization

And I want to have time and space to become best version of myself and be the women God created me to be

How about you?

You get to decide who you want to do, no one else can do it for you.

Support & help

You don't have to do this alone.  During the 12-weeks I'll be beside you giving you the steps and cheering you on!


In between our weekly calls, you can send me a Voxer message during office hours with any questions you have.

Weekly CALLS

Each week we will meet to keep the momentum going, overcome obstacles and keep you on track to thriving.


In 90-days you can go from exhausted, stretched too thin, overwhelmed and out of control

To taking back your time and having more peace, joy and TIME

Click below to schedule

Schedule call for special offer

Finally have time for the things you want to do
Design a life around your priorities
Become intentional with your time
Less guilt or feeling stretched too thin
Savoring the time with your spouse and children
Foster a deep connection to God
Living a life you love where you can dream again
Grow your mental fitness and face challenges with resilience and strength


click below to schedule

Schedule call for special offer

Finally have time for the things you want to do
Design a life around your priorities
Become intentional with your time
Less guilt or feeling stretched too thin
Savoring the time with your spouse and children
Foster a deep connection to God
Living a life you love where you can dream again
Grow your mental fitness and face challenges with resilience and strength

 "But Eva, my life is crazy.   There's no way I can create calm right now.  Maybe when the kids are older or work calms down."

I hear you! I was there too.

Until I made the decision to stop waiting for 'some day' and start creating the life I know God called me to have TODAY.

One of my biggest fears was looking back at this time with my kids and realizing that I wasted it; that I didn't get to know them deeply and love them fully.

After years of trial and error (and a lot of prayers) I
finally discovered the secret of managing my time & home – and now you get to learn how to do it in only 12-weeks!

You can make room for what matters most.

"Eva truly cares about her clients and is obsessed with helping them succeed at work and home. She listens deeply and guides you to solutions that work!" 

Amy (mom of 2 and facility Director)

My personal 30 day money-back guarantee

CLAIM YOUR is the exact steps I followed to step out of overwhelm and living life on auto-pilot and living a life of joy and purpose. I know it works because I've lived it.  If for some reason you don't get results in the first 3 weeks of us working together, I will refund you the amount you have already paid, no questions asked. 

I designed this course for you..

This is PERFECT for you if:

You are a professional corporate mom who wants to grow her career without sacrificing her relationships
You feel torn about taking on a promotion or new role at work because your home life is chaotic
You have tried time-management tools before but they never seem to stick
You are done leaning on your own strength and are ready to invite God into managing your time and home
You struggle with procrastination, self-sabatogue, people-pleasing and setting boundaries
You crave quality time with your kids and spouse and enjoy time at home

This is NOT for you if:

Are looking for a quick hack, or trick to managing your time and life and are find doing things the same way

Your home life is calm and peaceful and you don't have any work to do there

Most days you have things pretty figured out and you're on top of your to-do list

You don't want to partner with God or Holy Spirit and have little interest in any form of spiritual growth
Most days you have things pretty figured out at home and work and you're on top of your to-do list

You're already enjoying quality time with your kids and spouse

You are only 3 steps from success

Don't waste another day not stewarding your time well.


Step 1 is to know each other.  This is a great time to share your goals and what you want most out our time together.


After your payment, we will meet for a 45-min kick off meeting to go over expectations and directions for our sessions..


For the next 90-days we will help you reach your professional and personal goals. Get ready to feel more relaxed and purposeful.

professional working mom

CLAIM YOUR CALM is your secret weapon to creating a life you love.  

Hi, I'm Eva!

I help professional women of faith be amazing moms while making an impact in their careers without burnout or overwhelm.  

Like you, I'm juggling A LOT - a full time career, family, friends and a coaching practice I love. My days are full, hectic and fun!

You don't have to settle for a life of lack - a lack of time, lack of patience, lack of space to breath.

In CLAIM YOUR CALM, you can finally say goodbye to overwhelm and embrace a life that you don't want to run away from!

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Apply to start

Click the link below to schedule your free call to learn more.


Schedule for special offer

Finally have time for the things you want to do
Design a life around your priorities
Become intentional with your time
Less guilt or feeling stretched too thin
Savoring the time with your spouse and children
Foster a deep connection to God
Living a life you love where you can dream again
Grow your mental fitness and face challenges with resilience and strength




Schedule call for special offer

Finally have time for the things you want to do
Design a life around your priorities
Become intentional with your time
Less guilt or feeling stretched too thin
Savoring the time with your spouse and children
Foster a deep connection to God
Living a life you love where you can dream again
Grow your mental fitness and face challenges with resilience and strength


Our most asked questions

How much time will CLAIM YOUR CALM take?

I know you have  LOT going on and you don't have space (or patience) for another thing.  But CLAIM YOUR CALM will help you to finally prioritize the things that matter so you always make time for them.  

You'll go from being all over the place, and feeling out of control to being more focused and productive.  Instead of going to multiple times to the supermarket in the middle of the week, you'll learn how to plan so it's only once a week.  We will streamline everything in your life so you have more time and space.  CLAIM YOUR CALM will give you time back!

Is there a payment plan?

CLAIM YOUR CALM is a 90-day program and yes! there is a payment plan to pay monthly.

Can I figure this out on my own?

If you could have done it on your own, chances are you would have done it already, my friend.  Just like our kids need coaches to get better, have structure and accountability, so too you need a coach to help you reach your goals and become the amazing mom you  want to be.

How much support do I get?

Not only will I be with you coaching you through every step of the program during our weekly coaching calls but I am also available to you during office hours through Voxer, so you can send me a message anytime and get a reply back.

What is coaching like?

Having a coach is a game changer for anyone who want to make a change in their lives and want to do it quickly.  As you coach, I will ask powerful questions that will guide you to the answers that are already within you. 

You won't have to fumble around on the next step to take to achieve your goals.  I'll be there as your guide, keeping your accountable and coaching you to the finish life.

Will this help me do well at work?

Absolutely! Research shows that many of us are more stressed out at home than we are at work. 

Imagine, the effects of coming home to an organized home after work, dinner bubbling in the crockpot and your kids happily playing.  Or imagine having time to fill your own cup so you're not giving your leftovers to those you love.

When your home life is calm and enjoyable, there is a ripple effect to your professional life.  You confidently make decisions and show up more fully at work.  That can lead to promotions, better communication with colleuges and opportunities to advance. 

What are the steps to join?

Simply click the JOIN NOW link and you will be directed to my calendar to schedule a time to chat. I'd love to meet you! After your payment, we will schedule out Kick off session and get started.  

In 90-days you will feel so much more calm and in control of your time and schedule.

What will CLAIM YOUR CALM do for me?

CLAIM YOUR CALM is the last time-management program you'll need.  It incorporates both time-management strategies with mindset shifts to help you make transformative and lasting changes. 

You will feel so much more free and have space to enjoy your family, work, friends and everything on your heart.  

You'll learn how to create rhythms for you and your family. If you're ready to get off the hamster wheel, CLAIM YOUR CALM will help you do it once and for all.

Got more questions? Ask us...

Got a question that I didn't answer here? Send me an email at the email below and I'll get back to you!

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